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Best kids’ tablet 2022: Keep your kids entertained with the most child-friendly tablets


Don't trust your little one with your new iPad Pro? Why not buy a tablet designed just for them?

A kids' tablet can be a great way of introducing your little one to technology. It’s not just another source of entertainment: a tablet can expand your child’s world, giving them access to thousands of apps designed to make education both fun and enriching. From language learning and science quizzes to spelling puzzles and “edutainment” games, the app market is awash with programs designed to delight and educate your child – and give you some peace and quiet.

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But which tablet is the best for your child? There are all sorts of child-centric devices on the market these days, and it can be a daunting task to choose the best tablet for your little ones. Don't worry: we've done the hard work so you don't have to. Below, you'll find our regularly updated list of the best kids' tablets you can buy, from cheap and cheerful devices to high-priced iPads for your child's school journey. Whatever your budget, you'll find something here that fits your child's needs.

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Best kids' tablet: At a glance

How to choose the best tablet for your child

What can my child use their tablet for?

Just like regular tablets, children’s tablets come with a wide selection of apps, games and educational resources. The exact choice of apps available will depend on the operating system but can include everything from music-making programs and creative skill-builders to digital painting and language learning, and new apps are becoming available all the time.

When should I buy my child a tablet?

There are tablets suitable for children as young as primary school age, but only you can judge when your child is ready to handle a tablet - and, most importantly, when you feel comfortable giving them one. Some tablets are designed to grow with your child as they get older, adapting to their changing wants and needs. The latter will set you back more but will be worth the investment if it saves you buying a brand new tablet a year or two down the line.

Is it safe to give my child a tablet?

As technology keeps advancing, cyber threats have never been more common. The good news is that tablets are generally much safer than mobile phones or laptops, so they’re the best first piece of technology for small hands.

The tablets we’ve chosen all include features designed to keep little ones safe and include parental controls for added peace of mind. Even the least tech-savvy parents can be confident that their child won’t get into trouble online.

What else do I need to look out for?

Tablets aren’t cheap, and durability is crucial. The best kids’ tablets are designed to withstand any drops, bumps and falls, so you don’t need to worry too much about damage, but if you’re still worried, a specially designed case will protect your child’s tablet even more.

Consider storage, too: a bigger capacity will add to the price, but it means you can install more apps – without having to constantly clear out old ones to free up space – and may even extend the lifetime of the tablet.

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The best tablets for kids

1. Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) Kids’ Edition: Best kids’ tablet you can buy

Price: £200 | Buy now from Amazon

Amazon’s latest big-screened childrens’ tablet is its best yet. The screen is 2in larger than the Fire HD 8 Kids’ Edition, it's thinner and lighter than the previous model and the 1,200p resolution display is 10% brighter, too. It also comes with a bit more RAM (3GB) and supports Dolby Atmos Audio.

You're paying a bit more for the kids' version of the Fire HD 10, but that extra cash comes with a kid-proof case (with kickstand), a two-year worry-free guarantee that covers accidental damage and a 12-month Fire for Kids Unlimited subscription, which offers thousands of hours worth of entertaining and educational content across videos, games, apps and ebooks. It also comes with 32GB of storage – although if your child needs more space, it also supports microSD cards up to 512GB in capacity. 

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Key specs - Screen Size:10.1in ; Operating System: Fire OS ; RAM: 3GB; Storage: 32GB (expandable up to 512GB via microSD); Camera: 2MP; Weight: 716g

2. Apple iPad 10.2in (2020): Best Apple tablet for your kids

Price: £329 l Buy now from John Lewis

The latest standard iPad from Apple is a fantastic tablet that's much cheaper than the rest of the range. It's fast enough for pretty much anything your little one cares to throw at it, with a six-core A12 Bionic chip. Software-wise, iPad OS 14 still offers an excellent desktop replacement, and it's even be updated with handwriting recognition as well.

It also works really well as a cheap(ish) laptop, too. All you need is one of Apple's Smart keyboards (or any cheaper alternative) and you've got yourself a thin and light improvised notebook with a fantastic high-resolution 10.2in display and outstanding battery life – perfect for homework. You can also spend an extra £100 for the model with 128GB storage if you don't fancy saving stuff to iCloud.

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Key specs - Screen Size: 10.2in; Operating System: iPad OS; RAM: 3GB; Storage: 32GB; Camera: 8MP; Weight: 490g

Buy now from John Lewis

3. Amazon Fire 7 Kids' Edition: Best cheap kids' tablet

Price: £70 l Buy now from Amazon

If you're put off by the price of the Amazon Fire 10 tablet at the top of this list, then let me offer a much cheaper solution. Simply put, the cheapest (and still usable) tablet you can buy these days is Amazon's 7in Fire tablet. It's not the prettiest of devices, and it certainly doesn't perform as well as some of the Apple tablets on this list, but for a fraction of the price, you really can't do much better.

Like the 10in model – which costs twice the price – the Fire 7 Kids' Edition comes with a bumper case, two-year guarantee, added parental controls and one year of Fire for Kids Unlimited with a selection of apps, games and videos for your little ones. If your child is a bit older, and perhaps less accident-prone, then you can pick up the regular model for only £50.

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Key specs - Screen Size: 7in; Operating System: Fire OS; RAM: 1GB; Storage: 16GB; Camera: 2MP; Weight: 295g

4. Apple iPad mini 5 (2019): Best Apple tablet for smaller hands

Price: £399 | Buy now from Argos

This is Apple’s fifth-gen iPad mini, and the definitive mini-tablet. And it should be: we waited four years for this upgrade. It’s got a gorgeous anti-reflection IPS display with a stunning 1,536 x 2,048 resolution for crystal clear images. The design style and build quality of the latest iPad mini are, as always, impeccable. That said, you’ll probably want to protect it with one of these cases if a child is using it.

The small screen size makes it ideal for little hands, and at a mere 300g it’s ultra-portable too. The ultimate companion for children on long car journeys, it can be packed full of games, learning apps, and ebooks. If you’ve got Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you’ll have 64GB worth of storage to download your child’s favourite kids’ shows and movies for offline viewing. A 256GB version is also available.

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Key specs - Screen Size: 7.9in; Operating System: iOS 13; RAM: 3GB; Storage: 64GB; Camera: 8MP; Weight: 300g

Buy now from Argos

5. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kid's Edition: Another great-value Amazon tablet

Price: £100 l Buy now from Amazon

Amazon's newest tablet, the Fire HD 8, is perhaps its most well-rounded offering yet. With a faster processor, more RAM, an extended battery life and quicker USB-C charging, the new Fire HD 8 is a remarkable step-up from its predecessor, which struggled to earn a recommendation last time around. Still, it's largely similar to the other Amazon tablets on this list and while the Fire HD 10 has a bigger screen and the Fire HD 7 is £40 cheaper, it doesn't quite sit at the front of the pack on this occasion.

Regardless, if your child is after a tablet with an 8in screen, the most up-to-date internals and software that's simple to use, then the Fire HD 8 is still a remarkable choice. If you're tempted by the new "Plus" model, I would suggest saving your money and buying the regular variant instead – the more expensive version merely adds extra RAM and wireless charging.

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Key specs - Screen Size: 8in; Operating System: Fire OS; RAM: 2GB; Storage: 32GB or 64GB ; Camera: 2MP; Weight: 355g

6. Apple iPad Pro 9.7in (refurbished)

Price: From £245 l Buy now from Music Magpie

If the above iPads are a bit out of your buying budget, and you're keen to stick with Apple's ever-popular tablet range, then it might be worth looking at buying a refurbished device instead. It's getting a bit long in the tooth, but the iPad Pro 9.7in (originally released in 2016) now offers the perfect blend of affordability and features – pair it with a keyboard and you have a makeshift laptop, too.

Miraculously, it's also still completely up to date when it comes to Apple's own tablet software, iPadOS, too. Match Apple's slick operating system with the still rather nippy A9X processor, and you're looking at a real bargain if you buy secondhand. 

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Key specs - Screen Size: 8in; Operating System: iPadOS; RAM: 2GB; Storage: 32GB, 128GB or 256GB; Camera: 12MP; Weight: 437g

Buy now from Music Magpie

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