Best Christmas tree skirt 2022: Add some sparkle to your tree with these festive fringes

Ben Johnston
16 Dec 2021

Dress your tree to impress with the best Christmas tree skirts to buy this winter

The best Christmas tree skirt will work double duty during the festive period, neatly hiding your tree stand while elevating the overall look of your tree. Whether you’re a traditionalist who trots out a real tree every December, or you prefer an artificial option that can be packed into the attic with the rest of your decorations, there are a lot of benefits to employing a tree skirt or collar, beyond the obvious aesthetics.

If you have pets, for instance, you’re probably already aware of the perils of having a real tree with an open stand in your home. The water used to nourish the tree quickly becomes stagnant and dirty, spelling trouble for any curious cat who comes for a quick drink. A solid tree skirt will secure the opening, allowing you to have your real tree, while still keeping your pet safe from potential nasties.

Another motivation for purchasing a good Christmas tree skirt ties into the true meaning of Christmas – presents. A lavish or intricate tree skirt makes for a gorgeous backdrop on which to pile presents, leaving your living area looking like a Christmas card. That’s before the hurricane of wrapping paper descends on Christmas day, of course.

Below, we’ve gathered a range of different tree skirts to suit all styles and budgets. So no matter what type of tree you prefer to furnish your home with at Christmas, there’s something here that will compliment it nicely. Read on to see our top picks for Christmas Tree skirts this winter.

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Best Christmas tree skirt: At a glance

  • Best solid skirt: John Lewis Willow Tree Skirt | Buy now
  • Best light-up skirt: Taylor & Brown LED Tree Skirt | Buy now
  • Best for kids to decorate: JCT DIY Tree Skirt | Buy now
  • Best for style: Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt | Buy now
  • Best plush option: Tacobear Fur Christmas Tree Skirt | Buy now
  • Best patterned skirt: Flash World Christmas Tree Skirt | Buy now

The best Christmas tree skirts to buy in 2022

1. John Lewis & Partners Willow Tree Skirt (silver): The best solid tree skirt

Price: £35 | Buy now from John Lewis

This Christmas, why not push the boat out and decorate your tree with yet another tree? This skirt is woven completely from natural wicker, creating a sturdy and stylish base for your Christmas tree. If you’re a fan of frosted decorations, this silver number makes the perfect finishing touch to your own personal winter wonderland.

If the silver version doesn’t jingle your bells, there are two other styles available. The natural version is a more traditional wicker colour, while the Espresso leans more towards a reddish-brown. Both are identical to the silver in every other way, so whichever most appeals to you will serve just as well as the others.

Key specs – Dimensions: Height 26cm, top diameter 45cm, bottom diameter 70cm; Material: Willow; Other styles available: Yes

Buy now from John Lewis

2. Taylor & Brown LED Christmas Tree Skirt: The best light-up skirt

Price: £19 | Buy now from Amazon

Most people would agree that Christmas presents should sit beneath the tree, so why not go one step further and make the tree look like a present too? While it might not reveal a gift when you open it up, this metal and rattan skirt sure looks the part, with red and silver sequins transforming it into a perfectly gift-wrapped present.

Spread across the skirt are 40 white LEDs, which twinkle and shine in tandem with the numerous sequins to create a warm and inviting glow among the presents. When the Christmas season is over, the frame can also be folded, so this one will be fairly easy to store when not in use.

Key specs – Dimensions (HWD): 27 x 50 x 50cm; Material: Rattan, metal; Other styles available: Yes; Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included)

3. JCT DIY Christmas Tree Skirt: The best skirt for kids to decorate

Price: £16 | Buy now from Amazon

Tricking your kids into thinking that putting up Christmas decorations is a fun activity may well be the greatest magic trick that parents will ever master and it just got a whole lot easier with this interactive DIY tree skirt. Bundled with 26 different detachable ornaments, this skirt makes for a fun and creative project to share with your kids.

The felt used for both the skirt and the decorations is non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about any pets who come sniffing around. Best of all, this skirt can be folded and tucked away, reducing the amount of space your Christmas decorations take up for the other 11 months of the year.

Key specs – Dimensions: 89cm (diameter); Material: Felt; Other styles available: Yes

4. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt: The best skirt for festive style

Price: £22 | Buy now from Amazon

If your main concern when shopping for a tree skirt is to find something that adds as much style to your tree as possible, this hand-stitched beauty could well be the one for you. Featuring a large snowflake set against a striking Buffalo Plaid pattern and finished with grey faux-fur trim, this skirt is sure to add a touch of classic Christmas charm to whatever tree it graces.

In keeping with the rustic aesthetic achieved by the traditional plaid design, the skirt is secured around your tree with three burlap ties. For bonus points, tie each of these into a neat bow to complete the gift-wrapped look with a flourish.

Key specs – Diameter: 122cm; Material: Cotton, polyester, linen, faux fur; Other styles available: No

5. Tacobear Fur Christmas Tree Skirt: The best plush skirt

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

Nothing quite says warm and cosy like a thick plush blanket while it’s freezing cold outside, and honestly, doesn’t your tree deserve that? This large faux fur skirt is delightfully soft to the touch, making it a great base from which the kids can excitedly scrabble for presents – or, more likely, an extravagant bed for the family cat. The stark white and intricate golden snowflakes will enhance any decor style, but for the best results, this one wants to be paired with a frosted theme.

Key specs – Diameter: 122cm; Material: Faux fur; Other styles available: Yes

6. Flash World Christmas Tree Skirt: The best patterned skirt

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

This deep red skirt with a silver snowflake pattern will imbue any tree with an immediate rustic charm, adding an elegant flair to even the most chaotic of present piles. The heavy cotton means that it shouldn't shift too much, keeping its shape all through the winter. The durable ties will keep the skirt closed tightly around the base of the tree, reducing the need for needle cleanup in the new year. As an added bonus, this skirt comes with a free matching stocking.

Key specs – Diameter: 122cm; Material: Cotton; Other styles available: Yes

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