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The best wireless gaming headsets for PlayStation, Xbox and PC in 2023

Best wireless gaming headset

Cut the clutter with our pick of the best wireless gaming headsets for console and PC

As with most gaming peripherals, choosing the best wireless gaming headset is no simple thing. There are brands galore, each one flaunting its own special take on gaming audio hardware. The fact is that wireless gaming headsets cost more than their wired siblings and so making the right purchase is key.

For all of the marketing noise, however, there are still a host of factors to consider. As with wired headsets, wireless variants will offer features such as surround sound or noise-filtering microphones. On top of that, you’ll need to consider your own comfort. Then there’s the issue of battery life – wireless headsets have to be charged, after all.

Taking into consideration these questions (and others), we’ve produced this roundup of our favourite wireless gaming headsets. Below, you'll find our pick of the best wireless headsets you can buy; keep scrolling and you’ll find a short guide to help you make the right purchase.

Best wireless gaming headset: At a glance

  • Best overall: Razer Barracuda X | Buy now
  • Best on a budget: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 | Buy now
  • Best for Xbox Series S/X: Razer Kaira Pro (Xbox) | Buy now
  • Best for PS4/PS5: Sony Pulse 3D | Buy now
  • Best premium option: B&O Beoplay Portal (PC/PS) | Buy now
  • Best for sound quality: Creative SFXI Theater | Buy now

How to choose the best wireless gaming headset for you

What are the benefits of a wireless gaming headset?

Hopefully, this should go without saying, but a wireless gaming headset has no wires. That means you have the freedom to wander, and the benefit of reducing the size of the ever-present nest of cables beneath your desk or around your TV.

If you’re the kind of gamer who connects their PC to a TV, or if you’re a console gamer looking to further reduce the cable clutter, a wireless gaming headset is a necessity. Nowadays, audio quality is on a level with wired gaming headsets, so there’s even more reason to cut the cord.

How much should I spend?

As we’ve already mentioned, wireless gaming headsets tend to be more expensive than their wired counterparts. A budget pair might set you back £90 to £100, while the more expensive models can reach in excess of £270.

It depends almost entirely on what your budget is and what you want your headset to do; for the most part, the more you pay for a headset, the more features it will offer and the better the sound quality is likely to be. Set a budget before you begin thinking about what to purchase.

Is sound quality important?

Those of you who enjoy listening to music while you play will no doubt appreciate a headset with strong audio credentials. Otherwise, the most important thing to look out for on the sound-quality front is what we call a wide soundstage; in gaming headset terms, this means being able to accurately depict where in-game sound is coming from.

What other features should I look out for?

Battery life: Generally speaking, headsets will last from ten to 20 hours on a single charge; some particularly pricey specimens may also have removable, rechargeable batteries so you can trash talk for longer. There’s really no reason we wouldn’t recommend the longest battery life that your budget will allow.

Noise-suppressing mic: If you’re living with noisy siblings/flatmates/pets, you might want to consider a noise-suppressing microphone to block out everything except the sound of your voice. As it happens, you’ll find that plenty of modern gaming headsets offer this feature as standard.

Cup-mounted controls: A wide selection of cup-mounted controls can really help limit the amount of time you spend fiddling with settings onscreen. At the very least, you’ll want a mute button and volume adjusters, although many headsets also offer sliders that alter the chat-to-game audio mix.

Surround sound: Many wireless gaming headsets come with some form of virtual surround sound support, be that 5.1, 7.1 or Dolby Atmos. In theory, this technology should produce an unbeatably immersive soundstage to help you pinpoint an enemy’s footsteps before they take you unawares. It’s certainly not essential, however.

Drivers: Although it might sound complicated, drivers are a requirement rather than an optional extra and, as such, you won’t need to pay too much attention to them. For the record, drivers found in wireless gaming headsets usually range from 40 to 60mm in diameter, and the more expensive options will have neodymium magnets.

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The best wireless gaming headsets you can buy in 2023

1. Razer Barracuda X: Best wireless gaming headset

Price: £100 | Buy now from Amazon

Unusually for Razer, the Barracuda X is a fairly nondescript product. This simple matte black gaming headset is incredibly easy to use, and it’s compatible with PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC over a 2.4GHz wireless connection. You can use it wired on the Xbox One/Series X, too. The headset is supremely comfortable: the large ear cups are padded with memory foam and anecdotally tended not to cook our ears too badly.

The Barracuda X connects to your device via a USB-C receiver, primarily, but it comes with a USB-C to USB-A adapter cable if your PC or laptop lacks a USB-C port. In any event, the connection is rock-solid; we were able to wander downstairs to grab a snack without losing signal. Battery life lived up to the claimed 20 hours, and the headset charges rapidly via USB-C.

Audio quality is excellent, too: this headset produces an impeccable noise, with a wide soundstage and well-represented mids/highs backed by the kind of thumping bass reproduction you’d expect from a gaming headset. The Barracuda X supports 7.1 surround sound out of the box (and Sony’s Tempest 3D audio tech on PS5) and you can upgrade to THX spatial audio for a small fee. The mic is good, rather than great, but it’s absolutely fine for gaming.

It’s a close-run thing between this headset and the excellent SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox. We chose the Barracuda X because it supports spatial audio and makes such a lovely sound – unless you absolutely must have wireless headphones for your Xbox One/Series X, the Barracuda X is the headset for you.

Read our full Razer Barracuda X review for more details

Key specs – Platforms: Xbox One/Xbox Series X (wired only), PS4/PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android; Driver type: 40mm; Connection: USB-C 2.4GHz (wireless), 3.5mm (wired); Surround sound: 7.1; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: Up to 20 hours

2. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless: An Xbox-compatible alternative

Price: £80 | Buy now from Amazon

After a competent, versatile, cross-platform headset? The Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox is the first headset you ought to consider. It may say ‘for Xbox’ in the name, but this well-made gaming headset is also compatible with the PS4, PC and Switch, plus Android devices. SteelSeries says it’s future-proofed for the Xbox Series X, too.

To connect the headset wirelessly, all you have to do is plug a small USB-C transmitter into your console of choice, then kick back and enjoy high quality, low-latency audio via a lossless 2.4GHz connection. A 3.5mm cable is provided, should you need to switch to a wired connection. The Wireless 1’s ‘Discord-certified’ detachable boom mic is as good as it gets at this price, and the bidirectional noise-cancelling does a stellar job of cutting out background chatter.

Comfort is the top priority for many gamers, of course, and the Arctis 1 Wireless doesn’t disappoint, providing a snug and cosy fit thanks to the plush earcups and foam-padded, steel-reinforced headband. With up to 20 hours of battery life, the Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox will see you through a good few sessions before needing a top-up.

Read our full SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox review for more details

Key specs – Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android; Driver type: 40mm; Connection: USB-C 2.4GHz (wireless), 3.5mm (wired); Surround sound: No; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: Up to 20 hours

3. B&O Beoplay Portal (PC/PS): Best premium wireless gaming headset

Price: £449 | Buy now from Amazon

The Beoplay Portal is a superb wireless headset that justifies its hefty price tag with wonderful sound quality, a classy aesthetic and some very useful functionality. It gamely doubles up as a pair of noise-cancelling headphones thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and supports streaming audio over Bluetooth and wireless connections simultaneously. There’s also support for Dolby Atmos for Headphones if you’re playing on PC and a range of customisation options are available in the Bang & Olufsen app.

The recording quality of B&O’s trademarked virtual boom arm microphone could be sharper but we had no major issues communicating with others using the headset and it’s comfortable enough to wear for even the longest of gaming sessions. If you’re able to afford it and don’t already own noise-cancelling headphones, the Beoplay Portal for PC and PlayStation are an excellent purchase.

Read our full B&O Beoplay Portal review for more details

Key specs – Platforms: PC, PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, mobile; Driver type: 40mm; Connection: USB-C 2.4GHz (wireless), Bluetooth, 3.5mm (wired); Surround sound: Dolby Atmos for Headphones; Noise-suppressing mic: No; Battery life: Up to 19 hours (wireless/Bluetooth/ANC), up to 43 hours (Bluetooth/ANC)

Buy now from Bang & Olufsen

4. AOC GH401: Best cheap wireless gaming headset

Price: £55 | Buy now from Amazon

The AOC GH401 is a straightforward wireless gaming headset with a sensationally good price tag. It doesn’t deviate from AOC’s usual, slightly dated approach to product design, but don’t let that put you off: the headset is built well, with no creaky plastic and ear cups that surround your ear without sitting too proud of your head. The headband and cups are lined with a soft faux leather and foam combo, and while those with larger ears might notice the shallowness of the cup itself, this is on the whole comfortable a comfortable headset that doesn’t squeeze your head and won’t cook you.

The GH401 connects to your PC or console via a USB-A receiver and has a quoted battery life of 17 hours, which is decent by wireless headset standards. It charges via USB-C. There’s a detachable boom mic and cup-mounted controls for volume and mic control on the left ear cup. This headset supports rudimentary 2.0 surround sound, but that’s to be expected for the price, and frankly the 50mm drivers produce a perfectly good sound regardless. They’re certainly good enough for both gaming and music consumption.

Key specs – Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch; Driver type: 50mm; Connection: USB (receiver); Surround sound: 2.0; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: Up to 17 hours

5. Razer Kaira Pro (PlayStation): Best wireless gaming headset with haptic feedback

Price: £200 | Buy now from Argos

Haptics are an acquired taste but if you're into them and own a PlayStation 5, you'll struggle to find a better headset than the Kaira Pro. The design is pretty much identical to that of the Xbox version below except this model comes in white, which matches the PS5 perfectly. The headset is extremely comfortable and sound quality is great, with the three levels of dynamic haptic feedback (an exclusive feature on the PlayStation model) helping increase immersion immensely.

In addition to haptics, the Kaira Pro features customisable RGB lighting on the outside of each earcup. This is relatively understated by gaming standards, though it does have a big impact on battery life. With both haptics and the lighting effects on, you can expect around 11 hours of audio playback. Turn them off and that figure jumps to a far more impressive 50 hours.

The microphone isn't the best around but is detachable, which means you can use the Kaira Pro as a pair of Bluetooth headphones when you're not camped in front of your console using it wirelessly with the USB-C dongle. You can't listen to audio from two different sources simultaneously like you can with the B&O Portal, but the Kaira Pro is a third of the price, making it a far more affordable option.

Key specs – Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch; Driver type: 50mm; Connection: 2.4GHz wireless (via USB-C dongle), Bluetooth 5.0; Surround sound: No; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: Up to 11 hours with haptics and RGB on

6. Corsair HS80 RGB: Best wireless gaming headset with Dolby Atmos

Price: £140 | Buy now from Amazon

The HS80 RGB is a premium wireless headset with PC and PlayStation plug and play compatibility. Matte black from top to toe, it features a sturdy plastic and aluminium construction with subtle RBG accents on the outer cups and mic. Fit comes courtesy of a floating headband which, in combination with breathable fabric earcups, provides plenty of comfort, even over extended gaming sessions.

Paired with its 2.4GHz USB-A receiver the HS80 utilises Corsair’s low-latency Slipstream tech, or PC players can plug in directly for 24bit/96kHz audio. Sound is balanced and clear with a wide stereo soundstage that lends genuine space to in-game environments. PC players can even take the immersion a step further through native Dolby Atmos support. The in-built microphone is no slouch either, offering high quality audio capture. While it cannot be detached completely, it handily mutes automatically whilst flipped up.

Corsair’s iCue desktop application allows PC users to tweak the EQ, and you can toggle through presets on the fly. The app also gives you control over the mic levels and lighting scheme. Bluetooth and Xbox support are sadly absent, but for cross-platform PC and PlayStation gamers, the HS80 RGB is a stellar wireless pick.

Read our full Corsair HS80 RGB review for more details

Key specs – Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5; Driver type: 50mm neodymium; Connection: 2.4GHz wireless, USB-A; Surround sound: Dolby Atmos; Noise-suppressing: No; Battery life: Up to 20 hours

7. Logitech G733 Lightspeed: Best wireless gaming headset for comfort

Price: £140 | Buy now from Amazon

As soon as you open the packaging, you know this headset is something special. Logitech has managed to construct possibly the most striking gaming headset I’ve ever worn; from the vibrant RGB strips to the small chrome Logitech “G” logo, this is one seriously good-looking piece of kit, especially in white.

It’s much more than just a pretty face, though. The Logitech G733 Lightspeed seemed to run for longer than the quoted 20 hours (29 with the lighting off) and feels utterly sublime to wear. The pads are luxuriously soft, and the headband, neither too tight nor too loose. It’s not often I gush about the way a gaming headset sits on your head but the G733 is truly the sort of item I could wear all day without overheating or developing an achy head.

The feature list isn’t exceptionally long, but you do have a mic mute button, plus a volume wheel, power button and USB-C charging port on the left ear cup. Give the power button a long press and the headset will let you know how much battery it has left, which is a nice touch. The mic is removable, as is the elasticated part of the headband – Logitech actually sells these in a variety of colours/prints.

Audio quality is good, if not great – loud volumes and busy music can produce a bit of fuzziness. That said, the surround sound is excellent, as is the general sense of space the drivers produce. For gaming and general listening, then, the G733 is more than sufficient.

In short, this is our new go-to headset for daily use – it’s comfortable, reliable and it looks great.

Key specs – Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch; Driver type: 40mm; Connection: Wireless via dongle; Surround sound: DTS Headphone:X 2.0; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: Up to 29 hours

8. Sony Pulse 3D: Best wireless gaming headset for PS4 and PS5

Price: £90 | Buy now from Amazon

Successor to the venerable PlayStation Platinum wireless headset, the Pulse 3D is a gaming headset that's ideal for PS5 owners – and pretty great for everyone else. It's packaged with a USB dongle, which means you can connect it to your PC and Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation consoles. While functionality is limited depending on the device you choose, it's certainly not for lack of trying: aside from a power button and volume controls, the Pulse 3D headset also has a mic mute button, chat/game audio balance button and even a "hear yourself" button for the self-conscious gamer.

For the price, the Pulse 3D headset represents fantastic value for money. Although it's built predominantly from plastic, it's certainly sturdy enough to endure heavy use, and from a stylistic perspective catches the eye like a more expensive product. The faux leather ear cups are deep and well-cushioned: the asymmetric design allows the Pulse 3D to wrap quite snugly around your ears, keeping bleeding to a minimum and preventing you from accidentally putting the headset on back to front.

In terms of audio quality, the Pulse 3D performs admirably for a product that usually retails for under £100. Acting as the debut platform for Sony's proprietary Tempest 3D audio format, the Pulse 3D presents in-game sound in an impressively realistic manner, with the bustling New York streets of Spider-Man: Miles Morales providing an excellent example of sound that has both depth and direction. It's not half bad for listening to music, either.

In fact, the only major niggle here is the 12-hour battery life, which when compared to other headsets on this list is a little lacklustre (though still enough for a few long gaming sessions). Otherwise, the Pulse 3D headset has cemented itself as one of our absolute favourites – for PS5 gamers and for everyone else.

Read our full Sony Pulse 3D review for more details

Key specs – Platforms: PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch; Driver type: 40mm; Connection: 3.5mm, USB-C; Surround sound: Sony Tempest 3D audio; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: Up to 12 hours

9. Razer Kaira Pro (Xbox): Best wireless gaming headset for Xbox Series S/X

Price: £150 l Buy now from Amazon

Microsoft's newest high-powered Xbox consoles deserve top-notch audio, and that's what you're getting with the Razer Kaira Pro. Delivering high-quality audio for a great price, the Kaira Pro's dual 50mm Razer TriForce Titanium drivers replicate high, mid and low frequencies exceptionally well, with only a touch of heaviness on the bass. The binaural audio in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, for instance, sounded astonishing, encapsulating the protagonist's multiple mental voices all around the player. It was a spooky experience, and there's no better headset for it.

I was also impressed with how the Kaira Pro replicated some of the subtler sounds in games, such as encroaching enemy footsteps in Halo: Infinite and intricate engine noises in Forza Horizon 5. The headset itself was comfortable to wear, even during long gameplay sessions, and there's a good degree of size adjustment, too. The overall design is a bit on the bulky side, however, so it's definitely not ideal for smaller head sizes. The detachable HyperClear Supercardiod Mic did a great job at picking up my voice, and even managed to cut out the whirr of the washing machine in the background.

Pairing is also a doddle. You simply press the EQ/pairing button on your Xbox One, Series S or Series X and press and hold the accompanying button on the headset's left ear cup. This button can also be used to switch between three different audio presets: Default, Bass Boost and FPS, and you can also tinker with the equaliser in the accompanying app. Battery life isn't as long as some of the other headsets on this list, however, at a maximum of 20 hours, or 15 hours with the RGB lighting switched on.

Key specs – Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X; Driver type: 50mm; Connection: USB-C (wired) 2.4GHz, 5GHz, Bluetooth 5 (wireless); Surround sound: Windows Sonic; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: 20 hours

Buy now from Currys

10. Corsair HS70 Bluetooth: Best Bluetooth gaming headset

Price: £100 | Buy now from Amazon

Corsair’s understated HS70 Bluetooth is compatible with just about every device you can think of. Pairing it with your PC or smartphone via Bluetooth is a charm, but it’s the dual input functionality that elevates the HS70. For example, wire the headset into your Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite console, then connect it via Bluetooth to your phone (or vice-versa), and you’ll be able to use Nintendo’s voice chat app and listen to the in-game audio at the same time.

It isn’t just the cute tricks that mark the HS70 as a winner, though. It’s also incredibly well-made. The earcups are adorned with a stylish metallic grille and connected to the headband with slim metal arms. Your ears are cupped by a pair of comfy pads that wouldn’t feel out of place on a much more expensive product. There’s no RGB lighting, which is frankly a bit of a relief, and unlike many gaming headsets I’ve worn the HS70 isn’t obnoxiously large. In short, this is a cheap headset that doesn’t feel like a cheap headset.

And thank goodness, the audio quality is great. It blows several more expensive headsets out of the water, proving adept at handling directional audio cues when gaming and the videogame scores that soundtrack my working day. Unusually, it copes well at high volumes, and though it is a touch heavy on the bass, the other frequencies don’t suffer as a result.

Any downsides? Well, cup-mounted controls are a tad limited, with just power, volume and mic mute, although a short press of the power button will play/pause audio. And those with particularly large ears may find that the fabric driver cover presses against their upper ear a bit.

Key specs – Platforms: PC (Bluetooth), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (3.5mm), smartphone (Bluetooth); Driver type: 50mm; Connection: Bluetooth, USB-C/3.5mm (wired); Surround sound: Windows Sonic; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: Up to 30 hours

11. Asus ROG Strix GO 2.4: Best mid-range multi-platform wireless gaming headset

Price: £170 | Buy now from Amazon

If your gaming time extends over multiple platforms, and you’re looking for a headset that can transition easily between them, Asus’s ROG Strix GO 2.4 headset is the perfect choice for you. The 2.4GHz RF wireless dongle connects to USB-C as standard, but also comes with a USB-A adaptor, allowing you to connect to a wide range of devices, from your PC to a Nintendo Switch (both docked and handheld).

The headset comes with two microphones - one built-in for discreet communication when out and about, and a detachable boom option for private gaming sessions - both of which come with AI-powered noise cancellation technology. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to make use of these features: the battery lasts up to 25 hours on a single charge and offers 3 hours’ use from just 15 minutes at the power outlet.

With all the versatility here, it’s just a shame that the headset doesn’t allow for Bluetooth connections, as this would make it more accessible to older platforms, as well as iPhone users who are still working with the Lightning port. Another minor gripe is that the memory foam ear cups, while very comfortable to wear, tend to overheat, even in winter, so summer gaming sessions could quickly become very sweaty. These issues really are small though, and for multi-platform gaming, you can’t do better than the Asus ROG Strix GO 2.4.

Read our full Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4 review for more details

Key specs – Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, Android smartphones; Driver type: 40mm; Connection: Wireless, 3.5mm; Surround sound: Virtual 7.1; Noise-suppressing mic: Yes; Battery life: 25 hours

12. Sony Inzone H9: Best wireless gaming headset for spatial audio

Price: £269 | Buy now from Amazon

Unlike the other Sony headset on this list, the Inzone H9 is optimised for PC gaming, with the Windows-only Inzone Hub software offering numerous ways to customise your experience. That’s not to say you can’t use it with your PlayStation 5, and it delivers immersive spatial audio regardless of which platform you’re playing. Sound is accurately positioned within the H9’s soundstage, there’s detail in the reproduction of treble frequencies and bass is weighty and impactful.

The H9 also has some other very handy features up its sleeve. Its noise cancellation and transparency modes are both effective, while dual connectivity allows you to stream audio via Bluetooth while enjoying game audio via the 2.4GHz wireless dongle. Battery life is the H9’s other strong suit, with the headset lasting over 30 hours if you’ve not got noise cancellation engaged. The headset can be used while being charged too, which means you can keep for hours on end safe in the knowledge your marathon session won’t be cut short.

Read our full Sony Inzone H9 review for more details

Key specs – Platforms: PC,PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch; Driver type: 40mm; Connection: Wireless (2.4GHz), Bluetooth 5.0; Surround sound: 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming, PlayStation 5 Tempest Engine; Noise-suppressing mic: No; Battery life: 32 hours (ANC off)

13. Creative SXFI Theater: Best wireless gaming headset for sound quality

Price: £190 | Buy now from Creative

This might be the first gaming headset to require you to take a picture of your ears before use. Using Creative's Super X-Fi technology in tandem with the shot of your ears you uploaded to the SXFI app, the Creative SXFI Theater headset will produce a bespoke sound profile. This profile will help elevate your listening experience beyond any other entry on this list; whereas most gaming headsets offer passable sound tailored to videogames and little else, the SXFI Theater produces an astonishingly detailed noise full of depth and clarity.

It's not all about catching your enemy's footsteps from half a mile away, though. The SXFI Theater also has comfortable cushioned pleather earcups and a halfway-decent microphone, plus the usual array of cup-mounted controls. And with a quoted 30-hour battery life, you won't have to charge them half as often as many of their competitors. There are drawbacks – the price, for one, but also the immovable headband and lack of Xbox support – but overall, this is a cracking audiophile-grade headset.

Key specs – Platforms: PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch; Driver type: 50mm; Connection: 2.4GHz wireless; Surround sound: Creative SXFI; Noise-suppressing mic: N/A; Battery life: Up to 30 hours

Buy now from Creative

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