Best GoPro 2022: Which GoPro is right for you?


Want to find the best GoPro for you? Here's our comprehensive guide to the best GoPro action cams on the market today

At its best, the GoPro is a fantastic piece of kit. These small and incredibly rugged little action cameras offer class-leading video and audio, a wealth of creative modes and can often be picked up for a very reasonable price. And, while GoPro has built its reputation off of documenting some of the most extreme activities going, its easy-to-use, versatile line of cameras are just as at home with vloggers, commuters and holidaymakers.

If you're new to GoPro action cameras, you're probably taken aback by the variety of similar-looking models available, but don't panic: we're here to help you choose the best GoPro for you.

If you're a seasoned action camera veteran looking for a comprehensive list of the best GoPro action cameras on the market, feel free to scroll further down the page, where you'll find our top picks. Newcomers, however, should start with our brief guide that explains how to find the best GoPro for you.

Update: GoPro has just launched the Hero 11 Black flagship action camera

Featuring an all-new 1/1.9in sensor, the Hero 11 promises improved low light performance, offers support for 10-bit colour recording and can shoot in an 8:7 aspect ratio for increased editing flexibility. It offers 5K60 and 4K120 video recording and can shoot 27 megapixel stills. The Hero 11 also packs GoPro's latest stabilisation tech, HyperSmooth 5.0, along with support for full 360-degree horizon levelling. While we're yet to publish our full Hero 11 Black review you can expect to see it on our roundup shortly.

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The best GoPro action cameras at a glance

How to choose the best GoPro for you

GoPro's current lineup consists of the flagship Hero 11 Black, mid-range Hero 10 Black and the dual-lens GoPro Max 360 camera. Although now discontinued, if you shop around you may still be able to find older Hero 8 and Hero 9 models which, although no longer cutting edge, can still provide plenty of bang for your buck.

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When shopping for your ideal camera it can be worth bearing in mind that the best GoPro for you may not be the most expensive model or the one capable of recording at the highest resolutions or frame rates. The ability to film high bit-rate, high refresh-rate 4K footage might sound appealing but remember you have to have plenty of disk space to store the files and your laptop or PC needs plenty of power to process and edit the footage once you're back at base.

Indeed, for most people, good-quality 1080p or 1440p footage still holds up well and it's a lot easier to edit, move around and upload than 4K. The good news is that even the cheapest GoPro cameras can do that, with even the old budget Hero 7 Silver models capable of recording all the way up to 4K30.

What the more expensive models do offer, however, is GoPro's impressively effective HyperSmooth stabilisation. While older models still offer basic stabilisation, they're unable to match the impressively steady results of the HyperSmooth stabilisation found in the newer Hero 8 and Hero 9 and Hero 10 Black models. The latest flagship models even pack a nifty 'Horizon Leveling' feature, ensuring that your footage remains both smooth and level. Higher-end GoPros also offer higher frame rates for more extreme slow motion recordings and compatibility with GoPro's range of Accessory Mod attachments.

These days all of GoPro's cameras are natively waterproof right out of the box and come with built-in mounting prongs for quick and easy set-up.

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The best GoPro cameras to buy in 2022

1. GoPro Hero 10 Black: The best GoPro yet

Price: £380 | Buy now from GoPro

Powered by GoPro's latest GP2 processor, the Hero 10 Black is the most powerful Hero to date, packing double the performance of its predecessor. It supports 5.3K video recording at up to 60fps, 4K video at up to 120fps, 2.7K video at up to 240fps and can capture 23-megapixel stills. It’s also faster to power up, has a higher refresh rate front display, more responsive rear display and supports faster file transfers over both Wi-Fi and USB.

The Hero 10’s videos are punchy, detailed and thanks to GoPro's stabilisation tech, super-smooth too. GoPro’s HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilisation is the most effective we've tested to date, producing smooth, fluid footage and taming the jerkiest of clips. Additionally, the Hero 10 features improved Horizon Leveling with up to 45 degrees of tilt correction, allowing you to keep your footage both steady and level.

The Hero 10 also comes with GoPro's latest design refinements, offering both front and rear colour displays, an improved hydrophobic and scratch-resistant lens, as well as compatibility with GoPro's ecosystem of accessory Mods.

The Hero 10 Black lists for £480 at online retailers including Amazon and Argos but can be picked up for £380 when bought direct, bundled with a 12-month GoPro subscription.

Read our full GoPro Hero 10 Black review for more details

Specs – Sensor: 1/2.3in CMOS; Sensor pixels: 23.6 megapixels; Max recording resolution: 5K (60fps); Size (WDH): 71.0 x 33.6 x 51.0mm; Weight: 153g; Warranty: One-year RTB

Buy now from GoPro

2. GoPro Hero 8 Black: The best budget GoPro

Price: £260 | Buy now from GoPro

While it's no longer flagship, if you can live without a front-facing screen or 5K recording capabilities, the Hero 8 Black is an excellent budget-friendly option. It records 4K60 videos, records clear, detailed audio, shoots 12-megapixel stills and packs GoPro's smooth and effective HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilisation.

The Hero 8 Black is waterproof straight out of the box and has mounting prongs built right into the base, eliminating the need for a bulky external cage. For added versatility, it's also compatible with a range of attachable Mods, allowing you to add microphones, ports, lights and even an external screen.

While the Hero 8 Black will set you back £340 at retail, like all cameras in GoPro's current lineup, you can save by buying it bundled with a one year GoPro subscription for just £260.

Read our full GoPro Hero 8 Black review for more details

SpecsSensor: 1/2.3in CMOS; Sensor pixels: 12 megapixels; Max recording resolution: 4K (60fps); Size (WDH): 66.3 x 28.4 x 48.6mm; Weight: 122g; Warranty: One-year RTB

Buy now from GoPro

3. GoPro Max: The best GoPro 360 action camera

Price: £380 | Buy now from GoPro

The GoPro Max is an action camera but not as you know it. With fisheye lenses mounted on the front and the back, it can shoot in all directions at once, including up and down.

While we've seen 360-degree cameras before, the GoPro Max takes things to another level, capturing superb-quality video and making the viewing and sharing the footage easier than ever. 360 videos are stitched automatically in-camera, you can then opt to upload the files to YouTube as interactive videos that users can pan and zoom around in, or "reframe" the footage using GoPro's smartphone or desktop app. Reframing allows you to take your favourite angles from within the 360 clip and export them as standard video files - essentially, it's like filming with multiple cameras at once.

For more traditional videos, you also have the option of using a single lens and engaging GoPro's incredible Max HyperSmooth stabilisation. Max HyperSmooth is not only capable of keeping your footage incredibly stable but it also offers a full 360 degrees of Horizon Leveling correction, ensuring your videos remain perfectly level too.

With six onboard microphones and a large built-in touch screen, the GoPro Max is one of the cleverest and most flexible action cameras we’ve tested.

The GoPro Max ordinarily retails for £470, but if you buy direct from GoPro bundled with a 12-month GoPro subscription you can pick one up for £380.

Read our full GoPro Max review for more details

Specs – Sensor pixels: 18 megapixels; Max recording resolution: 5.6K (30fps) 360-degree video; Size (WDH): 64 x 24 x 69mm; Weight: 163g; Warranty: One-year RTB

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4. GoPro Hero 9 Black: The best mid-range GoPro

Price: £330 | Buy now from GoPro

While it can't quite match the flagship Hero 10 Black for outright image quality, the Hero 9 offers many of the same features at a slightly lower price point. It captures crisp, detailed video clips at up to 5K30, offers up to 8x slow-mo in 1080p and shoots 20-megapixel stills. It also packs some very effective stabilisation tech with HyperSmooth 3.0 available across all resolutions and frame rates, as well as up to 27 degrees of tilt correction through Horizon Leveling.

Design-wise it features GoPro's latest refinements with both front and rear colour displays, built-in mounting prongs, an improved capacity battery and compatibility with GoPro's accessory Mods. It's can also be used with the Max Lens Mod, expanding its field of view out to an ultra-wide 155 degrees and unlocking Max HyperSmooth stabilisation.

While the GoPro Hero 9 retails for around £430, you can pick it up bundled with a one-year GoPro subscription for £330 if you buy direct.

Read our full GoPro Hero 9 Black review for more details

Specs – Sensor: 1/2.3in CMOS; Sensor pixels: 23.6 megapixels; Max recording resolution: 5K (30fps); Size (WDH): 71.0 x 33.6 x 51.0mm; Weight: 158g; Warranty: One-year RTB

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