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The best integrated fridge to buy in 2023

Helen McCue
7 Mar 2023

Your fridge doesn’t have to be seen or heard if you opt for an integrated model – here’s how to pick the right one for you

Rarely do we want the fridge to be the focal point in our kitchen, but even the best-looking fridges can stand out and ruin the streamlined appearance of beautifully fitted cabinets. This is where you may want to consider an integrated fridge: the best of these combine top-notch energy efficiency and perfectly balanced cooling with a design that disappears behind a fitted cupboard door.

That said, moving to an integrated fridge isn’t a decision to take lightly. It’s best considered when redesigning your kitchen as you will need to incorporate it into the layout as well as order an extra door and handle for the front. Additionally, if you’re opting for an integrated fridge as opposed to a fridge freezer, you will need to consider whether you also need a separate integrated freezer, or perhaps opt for a chest freezer in the utility room or garage instead.

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The best integrated fridges: At a glance

How to choose the best integrated fridge for you

How do I work out what capacity of fridge I need?

The internal volume of a fridge is measured in litres, but almost no-one knows how much fridge space they need in litres. As a rough guide, 100 litres is equivalent to around five bags of food shopping, which again isn’t all that meaningful.

Where the measurement does come in useful is once you know the external size of the fridge you’re shopping for. Once you’ve narrowed down a selection that sit in your price range, you can use the respective models’ capacity measurements in litres to figure out which has the most internal space.

What type of integrated fridge should I get?

Integrated fridges come in various sizes and styles. You can choose from under-counter, mid-height, full-height or drawer fridge models, and which type you opt for will depend on what space you have available and whether you’re replacing an existing fridge or redesigning your kitchen.

Obviously, under-counter models take up the least space and are useful if you need to maximise the amount of counter space you have. If capacity is key, as it is for larger households, then it’s crucial that you plan to accommodate a mid- or full-height fridge. Drawer fridges can be a good addition to a standard integrated fridge, providing extra quick access storage for when you need it.

Does internal layout matter?

Yes, very much so. It’s vital to think about how you plan to use the space inside the fridge. This is your opportunity to make sure that the shelving and/or storage is flexible enough to accommodate the kind of food you eat, whether that be large joints of meat, huge stocks of vegetables or small bottles and jars. Think about whether you want extras such as a bottle rack, or more than one crisper drawer for fruits and vegetables.

Do you need an ice box?

Some integrated fridges have a freezer section known as an ice box. They don’t provide much storage space, but if you don’t have a freezer in the kitchen, it can be helpful to have a fridge with an ice box so you can store essentials such as ice cubes or tonight’s frozen pizza close to hand.

For smaller fridges you should consider whether you need an ice box, because this will reduce the amount of fridge space quite significantly.

A note on energy ratings

Prior to 2021, many household appliances were rated A to A+++ on the energy rating scale. The new scales introduced in 2021 are far more stringent, however, so many previously highly rated appliances have fallen into the E and F categories. This doesn’t mean they’re less energy-efficient than the previous year’s models. The new scale simply gives appliance manufacturers the scope and motivation to improve the energy efficiency of appliances over the coming years.

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The best integrated fridges to buy in 2023

1. Hotpoint HSZ18011UK: The best integrated tall fridge with an icebox

Price: £479 | Buy now from AO

If you need a tall fridge to maximise your chilled food storage but you still want to have some frozen foods to hand, this tall fridge with a 30-litre ice box at the top should fit the bill. The ice box means you can keep your favourite tub of ice cream or a bag of frozen chips within easy reach, and is particularly helpful if you don’t have a freezer in the kitchen. However, some users note that the ice box can be fiddly to close.

It’s a reasonably priced fridge equipped with auto defrost technology, a welcome addition that means it will be easier to maintain, but disappointingly there’s no open-door warning or alert to warn you if the temperature rises too high.

The two large salad and vegetable crisper drawers should provide enough storage for your five-a-day, even for a large family, and the five adjustable shelves, five door storage shelves and a bottle rack give plenty of options to configure the space to meet your needs.

Key specs – Dimensions: 177.1 x 54.0 x 54.5cm (HWD); Capacity: 262 + 30 litres; Energy rating: F; Temperature warning: No; Open door warning: No; Door hinge: Right; Reversible: Yes

Buy now from AO

2. Bosch Serie 4 KIR81VSF0G: The best large-capacity integrated tall fridge

Price: £899 | Buy now from John Lewis

While it might be pricier than other integrated fridges, this full-height Bosch fridge has more space than most people would know what to do with. If you regularly need to feed a large crowd or you live in a big household, this 319-litre fridge should offer the space you need.

There are seven shelves, six of which are adjustable, but with limited choices for shelf positions, the internal space isn’t as flexible as in some other models. Having said that, the two large drawers at the bottom and ample storage in the door means that it’s unlikely you will be fighting to make space.

Auto defrost and LED lighting make this a user-friendly fridge, and sensors will monitor and control the temperature, giving the optimum climate to keep your chilled foods fresh.

Key specs – Dimensions: 177.2 x 54.1 x 54.5cm (HWD); Capacity: 319 litres; Energy rating: F; Temperature warning: No; Open door warning: No; Door hinge: Right; Reversible: Yes

Buy now from John Lewis

3. Hotpoint HS12A1D.UK1: The best integrated mid-height fridge

Price: £419 | Buy now from Currys

If you don’t need a tall, full-height fridge but an undercounter model just won’t cut it, this 122cm-tall model offers a good compromise. It has a respectable 209-litre capacity, but the height means two things. First, you will be able to squeeze in an extra storage cupboard above it, and second, there are no high shelves that shorter people would struggle to reach.

Internally the layout is simple: a drawer for your fruit and veg plus five shelves and four removable, adjustable-height door storage racks. However, some users report not being able to fit larger milk cartons into the door storage.

There’s a dial to control the temperature and the interior is well lit with LED lighting, but it’s not frost-free so you will have to tackle any ice that builds up. Overall, though, if you need a mid-size fridge at a sensible price, this Bosch will do the job nicely.

Key specs – Dimensions: 122 x 54 x 54.5cm (HWD); Capacity: 209 litres; Energy rating: F; Temperature warning: No; Open door warning: No; Door hinge: Right; Reversible: Yes

Buy now from Currys

4. Kenwood KIR60W21: The best integrated under-counter fridge with ice box

Price: £249 | Buy now from Currys

This Kenwood model is a good option for when capacity isn’t an issue and you just need a small fridge with an added freezer compartment. The 104-litre fridge is best suited to single-person households, and the freezer has just enough capacity for a couple of ready meals and a tub of ice cream.

There are only two shelves in the fridge, which is the biggest downside noted by users, especially as one of those shelves is on top of the veg box, which makes access tricky if there’s a lot of food on that shelf. All in all, there’s just enough room for the essentials, but it wouldn’t accommodate a big shop, so it’s a great option for a granny annexe or an Airbnb.

Aside from this, the fridge benefits from digital temperature control, fast chill and super freeze functions, and there’s an audible alarm if the door’s been left open. For a small integrated fridge, it’s good value.

Key specs – Dimensions: 81.8 x 59.5 x 54.5cm (HWD); Capacity: 104 + 17 litres; Energy rating: F; Temperature warning: No; Open door warning: Yes; Door hinge: Right; Reversible: Yes

Buy now from Currys

5. BEKO BLSF3682: The best integrated under counter fridge

Price: £309 | Buy now from AO

This Beko under-counter fridge is a popular choice, and with a 130 litre capacity for under £350, we’re not surprised.

Despite the reasonable price, it still comes with auto defrost technology, so you won’t need to worry about chipping away ice build ups. There’s LED lighting and the reversible door means that even in tight spaces, you can set it up to maximise the flow of the kitchen.

There are two main adjustable shelves and two door storage racks that provide space for bottles and jars. Users also love the salad crisper compartment that’s easily accessed by a sliding shelf.

Key specs – Dimensions: 81.8 x 59.5 x 54.5cm (HWD); Capacity: 130 litres; Energy rating: F; Temperature warning: No; Open door warning: No; Door hinge: right; Reversible: yes

Buy now from AO

6. Fisher & Paykel RB9064S1: The best high-end integrated drawer fridge

Price: £2,900 | Buy now from Fisher & Paykel 

Kitchen layouts and designs are always evolving and one modern option is the drawer fridge. This replaces the traditional swing door and shelving with temperature-controlled drawers, which may prove more convenient in some kitchen layouts.

This is an expensive luxury appliance, particularly so given the limited 123-litre capacity. But what really sets it apart from other fridges is the multifunctional design that means it can be used in one of five different modes.

In addition to the standard fridge setting, there’s a freezer mode, a wine mode so it can be used as a wine chiller, a pantry mode for foods that need to be stored in a cool, dark place, and a chill mode that’s perfect for highly perishable meats, poultry and seafood.

With all these options, this fridge is best suited to very large kitchens that have space for a multipurpose appliance in addition to a standard fridge and freezer. This allows you to make the most of all the different modes, whether you’re chilling wine for a party or you need extra fridge space to cater for a big family gathering.

Key specs – Dimensions: 64 x 85.5 x 55.7cm (HWD); Capacity: 123 litres; Energy rating: F; Temperature warning: No; Open door warning: Yes

Buy now from Fisher & Paykel

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