The best Tassimo machine to buy in 2022


Crowd-pleasing and colourful, the best Tassimo machines make quick coffees and much more

There are many reasons why the best Tassimo machines have an army of fans. These hard-working drinks makers offer a range of beverages beyond the usual coffee selection, heat up fast so there’s little waiting around and are convenient: you don’t even need a fridge nearby to whip up a latte. This means they’re ideal for households who want to make different hot drinks from one machine: hot chocolate for the kids, a long coffee on a Sunday morning or a chai latte for the commute.

While the basic brewing system and choice of drinks may be the same between Tassimo machines, the price, settings, size, water tank capacity, design and colours vary, meaning that one model might suit your needs better than another. We’ve selected the best Tassimo machines you can buy for your budget, as well as the questions to ask when choosing one. Below, you'll find our buying guide to help you select the best Tassimo machine, or you can scroll on for our top picks.

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Best Tassimo machine: At a glance

How to choose the best Tassimo machine for you

What features should I look for?

Tassimo machines use the Intellibrew system, in that each T Disc has a barcode that’s read by the machine, so it knows the right amount of water and correct temperature to use for your drink. For most of the machines in our roundup, this isn’t something that can be easily altered – you either have to stop brewing manually or add water with multiple button pushes, which makes creating anything other than the pre-determined volume of drink impractical. However, if choice of temperature, coffee strength and drink size is something you like to adjust, look for a machine, such as the My Way 2 below, that allows you to alter these variables.

Tassimo machines come in different sizes. Although none is especially big, if you prefer long drinks, choose one with a larger water tank. Similarly, if you’re more likely to drink espresso more than anything else, one of the smaller models may be a better fit. Some also have a wider variety of colour choices beyond the usual neutral shades.

All the machines use a flow heater brewing system. While this heats up faster than bean-to-cup and pod coffee machines, it’s worth bearing in mind that it won’t produce the same kind of barista-style espresso, which comes from using 15-19 bar pressure. Instead, the flow heater has a pressure of around 3.3 bar.

What’s the drinks range like?

One element in Tassimo’s favour is its wide variety of drinks, from brands you’re likely to be familiar with as well as generic Tassimo drinks. There are more than 70 to choose from online, but you’ll find that your local supermarket will only stock a small range.

Choosing the Tassimo system means that, unlike Nespresso-compatible machines, where there are multiple roasters to choose from, you’re tied to one manufacturer. For those who enjoy its drinks, this won’t be an issue, but if you like to try different blends, it may be limiting. The T Discs aren’t eco-friendly either, as they’re made from hard plastic that you’re unlikely to be able to recycle at home. Fortunately, there is a recycling scheme, Podback, for used T Discs, and you can order your free bags online from Tassimo.

How much should I spend on a Tassimo machine?

Most of Tassimo’s smaller machines start at around £35-£40, giving access to the basic system and a water tank that you may need to top up fairly frequently depending on whether you prefer longer or shorter drinks. For more drink strength, length and temperature options, you’ll need to budget for a more expensive machine such as the My Way 2, which costs £85-£99 on average.

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The best Tassimo machines to buy in 2022

1. Tassimo by Bosch My Way 2: The best Tassimo machine for customised drinks

Price: £95 | Buy now from Argos

If you love Tassimo coffee but would prefer your shot to be longer, stronger or hotter, the My Way 2 is the machine for you. Unlike many Tassimo machines, you’re able to alter the drink settings each time you brew, and if you find a combination you want to revisit, you can save up to four favourites in the machine, so there’s no need to toggle the settings every time.

The other reason to choose the My Way 2 is the built-in Brita filter. Not only does this improve the taste of drinks, it means you don’t have to filter water beforehand. That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that the filter takes up room in the tank, meaning its 1.3L capacity is reduced to just 1L.

In testing, the My Way 2 performed well, quickly making personalised coffee, frothy warm milk and hot chocolates on demand, but we did find that it had a tendency to splutter towards the end of the brewing process.

Key specs – Size: 21 x 32.5 x 27cm (WDH); Colours available: Black, white, red, cream; Water tank size: 1.3 litres; Power: 1,500W

2. Tassimo by Bosch Vivy 2: The best Tassimo machine for small spaces

Price: £30 | Buy now from Argos

When worktop space is scarce, you need a Tassimo machine that will take up the bare minimum. The Vivy 2 is one such machine, measuring just 16.9 x 31 x 25.1cm, meaning it will be able to tuck below your kitchen wall units with little issue. Surprisingly, there are few of the usual compromises that come with a small coffee machine – the cup platform is wide enough and with enough clearance above for even big mugs, and it produces warm, frothy milk without the need for a separate frother.

There are a few size-related compromises, though. For example, the water tank is small at 700ml, awkwardly positioned at the side, and has to be removed to be filled. This means that you may find yourself topping it up frequently if two or more people are using it during the day. However, even though it’s small, it works just as hard as the larger Tassimo machines, meaning you’ll be able to make exactly the same drinks without giving up as much space.

Key specs – Size: 16.9 x 31 x 25.1cm (WDH); Colours available: Black, red, pink, cream, grey; Water tank size: 0.7 litres; Power: 1,300W

3. Tassimo by Bosch Happy: The best Tassimo machine for colour choice

Price: £35 | Buy now from Tassimo

If colour brings a smile to your face, you’ll understand why the Tassimo Happy has its name. As well as being available in the usual black, grey and cream shades, you can indulge your inner maximalist with its glossy “Wild Purple” or bright red shade – sure to liven up any kitchen or home office.

Like the Suny and Vivy 2, it’s a fairly compact machine and will deliver all the standard size drinks. You can stop brewing early for a shorter drink or add extra water while brewing is in progress, but there are no other options. As it’s on the smaller side, the water tank is only 700ml, and it’s situated at the side, meaning you can’t refill in situ if water is running low. We also found it a tad awkward to get the tank in and out. That said, auto-shutoff after one minute and easy operation make this affordable machine an appealing buy.

Key specs – Size: 17.5 x 30.5 x 26.5cm (WDH); Colours available: Black, Cream, Just Red, Wild Purple, Red/White, Dove Grey; Water tank size: 0.7 litres; Power: 1,400W

4. Tassimo by Bosch Suny: The best Tassimo machine for fast drinks

Price: £40 | Buy now from Amazon

The creator of the Suny must be no stranger to bleary-eyed mornings – this compact machine doesn’t even need you to locate a button to get going. Instead, once a T-Disc is inserted, it’ll start brewing with just the push of a mug against its front panel. No wonder then that it’s dubbed “the quick one” by its makers – there’s no need to select a drink, strength or any other options, as the barcoded Tassimo system will dispense exactly the right amount of water for each T-Disc.

While affordable and easy to use, the Suny lacks the sort of eco mode that many modern coffee machines feature. Instead, it turns on with a rocker switch at one side and won’t switch itself off to save energy if you accidentally leave it on. We also found that it produced a fair cloud of steam as it finished brewing, which is something to be aware of in a family home, or if it’s housed below kitchen walls units. The choice of colours is also limited to neutral tones but for ease of use, it can’t be beaten.

Key specs – Size: 16.7 x 30.5 x 25.1cm (WDH); Colours available: Black, Cream; Water tank size: 0.8 litres; Power: 1300W

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