Best men’s winter jackets 2022: Keep the wind, rain and cold out with our top picks

Pete Wise
20 Sep 2022

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, even in the colder months, you’ll want one of the best winter jackets to keep you warm and dry

Everyday winter coats have come a long way in recent times, bringing weather-taming technologies that were once reserved for wilderness adventures into towns and cities. Many winter coats now have water-resistant outer materials or waterproof membrane systems such as Gore-Tex to keep you dry.

Nowadays, you can also expect a good winter coat to be windproof, or at least wind-resistant. This makes great use of body heat, keeping warm air trapped inside the jacket.

Not all winter coats are designed to be worn in the same way. Some are intended as “outer shells”, which do a great job of blocking wind and rain, while you keep yourself warm by wearing an insulative layer (such as a jumper) underneath. Others are equipped to provide much of the insulation you’ll need in their own right, with warming inner layers of fleece, down, synthetics or other heat-retentive materials.

Best men’s winter jackets: At-a-glance

How to choose the best men’s winter jacket for you

The most important decision when shopping for a winter jacket is which types of protection you need against winter weather. Do you want a jacket that is insulating, waterproof and windproof? Or would you be happy with only one or two of these types of weatherproofing?

Your answer to this question will help you decide which category of winter jacket to buy: a waterproof outer shell that’s designed to be worn with warm layers underneath, or an insulated, all-round winter jacket.

If temperatures plummet in your region, an insulated jacket is likely to be your best option for cold resistance, whereas those living in warmer parts of the UK might consider an outer shell with separate layers underneath.

Weight could be another important factor in deciding which winter jacket suits you. A lighter coat will often be more efficient to store and transport, which can make life easier if you travel or commute frequently. However, that normally comes at the expense of cosiness.

Speaking of which, the organic and synthetic materials used to insulate winter jackets have come under increased scrutiny in recent years, which perhaps explains why many brands now pad their jackets with ethically sourced down and fleece, or recycled synthetic materials. If this matters to you, be sure to check the product specification before you buy.

Think also about the finer practical details. How many pockets do you need and where are they placed? Do you care about having cuffs and a collar that can be cinched tight, to keep out wind and rain?

Your jacket should also suit your style, whatever your fashion taste. A good-quality jacket should last for years, so it’s important that you’re happy to be seen wearing it. Ever since the “Urban Hiker” style trend of 2018-19, practical winterwear has been a dependable presence on fashion runways – so you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth and dryness.

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The best men’s winter jackets to buy in 2022

1. Berghaus Men’s Arran 3-in-1 Jacket: Best winter jacket for all-round performance

Price: £115 | Buy now from Berghaus

This superb three-in-one jacket from Berghaus combines a great-looking waterproof outer shell with a snug fleece inner. It’s perfectly suited to keeping out the elements – so much so that you might wear it on rainy days at warmer times of the year. You can equip the jacket for milder temperatures by unzipping the inner fleece from the outer shell.

The Arran is really well finished, down to the smooth, high-quality pop-studs on the outer shell. We were particularly impressed with the shaping on the hood, which is in the sweet spot between rigid and malleable.

We found the Arran quite generously sized. This makes the coat perfect for cold days when you’ll want to wear plenty of insulative layers underneath.

Key specs – Materials: 100% polyamide; Colours: Blue; Weather-proofing: Waterproof Hydroshell® Elite 2L outer fabric; inner fleece fabric and hand-warmer pockets

Buy now from Berghaus

2. Ariat Coastal Men’s Waterproof Jacket: Best for weather resistance

Price: £160 | Buy now from Ariat

Superbly resistant to wind and rain, the Coastal jacket from Ariat is an outstanding lightweight jacket.

We were particularly impressed with the Coastal’s ability to keep out the wind. Our reviewer wore the jacket on a particularly gusty day, and he barely felt the chill.

Given its lightweight style, the Coastal is surprisingly warm – far more so than a windbreaker or waterproof shell. Combined with a warm jumper underneath, this jacket could provide the perfect protection against winter weather.

Key specs – Materials: 100% polyester; Colours: Navy; Weather-proofing: AriatTEK® Cold Series insulation, EcoDry™ waterproof finish

Buy now from Ariat

3. Fjallraven Expedition Pack Down Hoodie: Best winter jacket for warmth

Price: £193 | Buy now from Cotswold Outdoor

The Expedition Pack Down Hoodie is our favourite winter coat for warmth. It’s extremely cosy, with traceable, ethically sourced 700FP goose down incorporated into its puffer coat design.

We loved this jacket’s playful details, including the retro pop colour toggles on the hood-string, and the Fjallraven logo in the style of a Scout badge on the chest – both little touches tying in to the Fjallraven 1974 Expedition Series, which celebrates the brand’s original jackets.

On a more practical note, the Expedition Pack Down Hoodie is sublimely comfortable. The material has a lovely, shiny feel to it, and there’s a thoughtfully placed piece of fabric on either “cheek” to keep your face comfy when the jacket is fully zipped up.

Key specs – Materials: 100% polyamide; Colours: True Red, Dandelion, UN Blue, Black, Navy, Deep Forest, Basalt; Weather-proofing: Insulated with 90% goose down, 10% feather

Buy now from Cotswold Outdoor

4. Montane Fireball Men’s Insulated Jacket: Best winter jacket for efficient insulation

Price: £169 | Buy now from Go Outdoors

This jacket strikes a fine balance between lightweight and snug. It’s really warm – and consistently so across the whole garment, thanks to the stretchy synthetic insulation inside.

Despite this jacket’s straightforward design, there’s great attention to detail in the places that count. We particularly liked the Fireball’s hood. Stretchy and close-fitting, it stays tight to the head even in windy weather. A fold of fabric over the top of the zipper keeps your chin comfy, too.

All things considered, the Fireball is one of the most efficient and practical winter jackets we’ve tested – equally well suited to jobs around the home or jaunts into town on cold days.

Key specs – Materials: Nylon/polyester mix; Colours: Black; Weather-proofing: 55% recycled 60g/m² CLO Vivo extreme eco stretch synthetic insulation; Durable Water Repellency (DWR) to shed light rain

Buy now from Go Outdoors

5. The North Face Dryzzle FutureLight Jacket: Best lightweight outer shell

Price: £116 | Buy now from Wiggle

The North Face Dryzzle is a superb outer shell for those who like to dress for cold weather by layering, rather than wearing a heavy or padded jacket.

We were particularly impressed with this jacket’s resistance to wind and rain. The fit around the chin and on the hood is nice and close – perfect for keeping out the breeze (although it could be problematic for wearers who are blessed with a large head).

The Dryzzle looks great. The finishing on the sample jacket we received for review was impeccable, and the colours are vibrant without being overstated.

Do bear in mind that you’ll need to wear warm layers underneath this jacket to make it suitable for cold weather.

Key specs – Materials: 100% polyester; Colours: Navy/Banff Blue; Weather-proofing: 100% recycled waterproof, breathable, seam-sealed FutureLight™ three-layer shell membrane; 100% windproof

Buy now from Wiggle

6. Specialized x Fjallraven Thermo Anorak: Best winter jacket for outdoor adventures

Price: £116 | Buy now from Alpinetrek

We love this odd-yet-brilliant padded anorak, created as part of ‘The Great Nearby’ collaboration between outdoor brands Specialized and Fjallraven. With a snug body, warm hood and handy kangaroo pocket across the front, this may well be the ultimate campfire garment for wintry outdoor adventures.

Think of the Thermo Anorak as a bonus layer – something to sling on top of whatever else you’re wearing for extra warmth and cosiness. It’s the perfect jacket to keep your outdoor adventures going later into the day (or year).

As you’ll have noticed, the Thermo Anorak has short sleeves. You’ll need to wear a warm, long-sleeved layer underneath.

Key specs – Materials: 100% recycled polyamide; Colours: Black, Navy; Weather-proofing: insulating layer, water-resistant

Buy now from Alpinetrek

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