Best Virgin Media deals: The best savings on broadband, TV, phone and SIM-only offers this September

Max Figgett
23 Sep 2022

We've rounded up the very best Virgin Media deals this September to help you save money on your broadband, TV or phone contract

Finding the best Virgin Media deals for you can be tricky: the company has a huge range of different broadband, broadband and TV, phone and SIM-only offers to choose from, each complete with a list of statistics and extra goodies. Luckily, we've done the hard work for you and have rounded up all of the very best Virgin Media deals in one place, along with the most important facts and figures.

What's more, we'll be regularly updating the collection as new discounts or extras appear and have included a Virgin Media deal of the month at the top of the page. And with good reason: Virgin Media dishes up the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, which earned it four stars in our most recent Virgin Media review. We're also fans of its sheer variety of packages and solid reliability, although its customer satisfaction scores could be higher. The vast majority of users are still pleased with their service, though.

However, before you take the plunge on one of the deals below, it's worth thinking about what you'll actually need. Do you need the fastest possible broadband speeds for lag-free gaming? Are you a sports fanatic who can't miss a moment of Premier League action? Do you like to catch up on Netflix series on your morning commute? After all, there's not much point in paying for features you don't need.

With that in mind, read on for our selection of the best Virgin Media deals that will save you money. 

The best Virgin Media broadband deals

Virgin Media is the gold medallist when it comes to UK broadband speeds, offering a versatile range of plans to suit everyone from light browsers to streaming supremos and quick-fingered gamers. Below, you'll find a list of all of the best broadband-only deals, but it's also worth scrolling further down the page to see if you want to roll your internet into a TV or even mobile (Volt) package too.

1. M100 Fibre Broadband: 108Mbits/sec from £26/mth

The next rung up on the broadband ladder is the M100 plan, which delivers an average download speed of 108Mbits/sec and an upload speed 10Mbits/sec. It's the ideal plan if up to nine devices are connecting to the internet at the same time.

Contract length: 18 months; Setup fee: £35

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2. M200 Fibre Broadband: 213Mbits/sec from £32/mth

If your home is stuffed with laptops, tablets and phones that are all jostling for bandwidth, this could be the deal for you. For as low as £32/mth, you're getting an average download speed of 213Mbits/sec and an upload pace of 20Mbits/sec – more than enough for over ten devices to browse, stream, work or game at the same time. 

Contract length: 18 months; Setup fee: £35

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3. M350 Fibre Broadband: 362Mbits/sec from £38/mth

Now we're crossing into serious speed territory. For £56/mth, you're getting rates of 362Mbits/sec download and a gigantic 36Mbits/sec upload. If you've got a home full of live football fans or content devourers who have to watch TV and films at the highest possible resolution, this is the offer for you. 

Contract length: 18 months; Setup fee: £35

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4. Gig1 Fibre Broadband: 1,130Mbits/sec from £60/mth

This is the jewel in the crown of Virgin's broadband lineup: a gob-smacking average download speed of 1,130Mbits/sec (1.13Gbits/sec) and a vast upload speed of 52Mbits/sec. Granted, it's probably overkill for most customers, but this is simply the best plan you can get and will provide ultrafast downloads, uploads and pretty much everything else.

Contract length: 18 months; Setup fee: £35

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The best Virgin Media broadband and TV deals

One of the benefits of switching to Virgin Media is that you can combine one of the broadband plans above with a TV package. Whether you want to watch the latest blockbusters or cheer on your football, rugby or cricket team, there's an option that will end up saving you a lot of dosh.

1. Big Bundle: M200 Fibre Broadband and over 100 TV channels for £33/mth

This “Big Bundle” gets you a broadband download speed of 213Mbits/sec, an upload rate of 20Mbits/sec and all of the usual free-to-air channels for a competitive £33/mth on an 18-month contract. Boxset-seekers or football fans should look lower down this list, though.

Contract length: 18 months; Setup fee: £35

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2. Big Bundle + Drama & Docs: M200 Fibre Broadband and over 145 TV channels for £38/mth

This offer gets you everything in the previous one, but with a much faster 213Mbits/sec average speed, an upload speed of 20Mbits/sec and extra channels that will appeal to drama or documentary fans. That includes National Geographic, Sky Showcase, Sky Witness, SyFy, Universal and many more.

Contract length: 18 months; Setup fee: £35

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3. Bigger Bundle + Sports: M500 Fibre Broadband, over 195 TV channels and Sky Cinema for £65/mth

This deal is tailored for football fanatics: along with 516Mbits/sec broadband, you're getting all of the BT Sport, Sky Sports and Eurosport channels. In short, you'll be treated to more matches than you'll ever be able to watch.

Contract length: 18 months; Setup fee: £35

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The best Virgin Media Volt deals

Thanks to the merger of O2 and Virgin Media in 2021, you can pick up a “supercharged” Volt deal that combines one of the Virgin Media broadband plans above with a 10GB O2 SIM, which will be enough for light browsing and occasional streaming using mobile data. And, if you want to keep everything under one roof, you can even roll in TV too.

First, here are the broadband and phone Volt packages. As with all of Virgin Media's contracts, they each last for 18 months and don't currently come with any upfront fees.

BroadbandO2 SIMPriceLink
M10010GB£30/mthBuy now
M20010GB£36/mthBuy now
M35010GB£42/mthBuy now

If that wasn't enough, there are a couple of broadband, TV and O2 SIM bundles that are bursting at the seams. Again, they both last for 18 months and, for a limited time, you won't have to pay anything upfront.

BroadbandTVO2 SIMPriceLink
M200190+ channels10GB£63/mthBuy now
Gig1230+ channelsUnlimited
£85/mthBuy now

The best Virgin Mobile deals

After the latest and greatest smartphones? Or just want a no-nonsense SIM-only deal? Well, Virgin Mobile has a host of competitively priced contracts that often come with extra goodies. Read on to find the best plan for you.

The best Virgin Mobile phone contract deals

1. iPhone SE 3 2022 (64GB) with 200GB of data for £31/mth

If you've got your eye on Apple's updated low-cost phone, the iPhone SE 3, here's the Virgin Mobile deal for you: you can nab the 64GB version of the handset with 200GB of data for a bank balance-pleasing £31/mth on a two-year deal.

But why should you choose the iPhone SE 3? In our four-star review, we praised its pocketable proportions, 5G compatibility, impressive performance and crisp camera. Questions remain over the sizable bezels and comparatively lacklustre battery life, but there's no denying that it's yet another excellent device from Apple. Snap up this superb saving while you can.

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £0

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2. iPhone 13 (128GB) with 200GB of data for £45/mth

In our original review, we praised the iPhone 13's boosted internal storage, tweaks to the camera and brighter display. It lacks a 120Hz display, but this is still another impressive handset from Apple. In this deal, you're getting the 128GB model with 200GB of data for £45/mth on a two-year plan, with nothing to pay upfront. It now comes in a fetching green too.

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £0

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3. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB) with 200GB of data plus 12 FREE months of Disney+ for £69/mth

We couldn't praise the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra highly enough in our five-star review, awarding it a coveted Recommended award. In particular, we singled out its stunning display, versatile S Pen and impressive cameras. Our main criticism was its high starting price, but this deal sees to that: you're getting the 128GB version of the phone, 200GB of data, plus a whole year of complimentary Disney+, which would usually set you back £96. It's a stunning saving.

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £0

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The best Virgin Mobile SIM-only deals

If you want to hold onto your phone, you can opt for one of Virgin Mobile's reasonably priced SIM-only deals. With data allowances from 5GB to all-you-can-use, there's a plan for everyone.

We've rounded up all of the 30-day plans below and note that they all come with unlimited minutes and texts.

5GB£6/mthBuy now
15GB£8/mthBuy now
30GB£12/mthBuy now
32GB£16/mthBuy now
100GB£20/mthBuy now
Unlimited£30/mthBuy now


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